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UPDATE #34 Keeping on improving the game!

As some of you requested, starting today we’ll be sharing on this blog the updates from the kickstarter campaign of Shogun no Katana. It’s our most ambitious and relevant project so far and we think this is a good way to keep all our fans informed of its developments.
Enjoy the reading!

Dear backers,
as written in our last update, production is going on, everything’s on track and we expect the games to be delivered in May 2022.
We examined the mockups we received and, wow, aren’t they gorgeous!
As you know by now, we are very picky, so when giving our feedback to the factory we made some tweaking: we had the printer fix a few parts of the plastic inlays (it’s funny that in creating a complex eurogame the tricky part is… packaging 🤦‍♂️) so they will be up to the level of the other components.
Also, we decided to increase the thickness of the tiles, now they’ll be 2mm instead of 1.5mm and we feel this way they are better suited to the luxurious look of the game while they can still be stored easily in the game box.
Don’t worry, these adjustments are not delaying the production, they’re part of the process: you have been waiting for our game for a long time and you have always been very supportive, so you deserve the game to be flawless!

So, there’s nothing more to say… There’s just something to see!

Again, thank you so much for supporting Shogun no Katana and Post Scriptum.

Talk soon!

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