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Wendake: New Allies

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European armies venture into the Great Lakes!

Number of players: 1-4
Game length: 60-150 minutes
Age: 14+ years
Available languages: English, French, German, Italian

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Game overview

PLEASE NOTE: Promo tiles are included!
Year 1756: French and English armies are arriving in the Great Lakes area. Forming commercial and military alliances with them could be very useful to help your nation prosper!

Thanks to the new turn cards and the new alliance action in Wendake: New Allies, you can:

  • Take advantage of the French and English patrols to consolidate your influence in the territories.
  • Use your canoes to trade pelts and obtain precious rifles.
  • Use rifles to gain victory points — or to activate special effects!

Can you take advantage of the European presence in your territories better than your rivals?

Wendake: New Allies introduces new mechanisms in the base game. Now, you will use your fourth tribe marker to select a turn card in addition to the choice of turn order for next round. Turn cards allow you to perform powerful effect and also to take the new alliance action, which allows you to choose whether to ally with the French or English army, and to call for their help to control the territories in game, or to trade your pelts to obtain their rifles.

You can use rifles to claim new turtle tiles or to activate the most powerful turn cards.

In addition to this, Event cards are added to the Solitare play to make it more challenging!

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Author: Danilo Festa
based on the original work of: Stefano Groppi


Illustrations: Ivan Zoni
Artwork: Paolo VallergaScribabs


Post Scriptum
Brand: Placentia Games




Illustrations: Alan D’Amico
Artwork: Paolo VallergaScribabs


Post Scriptum
Brand: Placentia Games