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Mangia più che puoi e stai attento a non farti mordere!

Number of players: 2-6
Game length: 30 minutes
Age: 6+ years
Available languages: English, German, Italian

Game overview

A cat chasing a mouse: how many times have you seen this? This time’s different, though! We’re in the kitchen of a mad scientist, and at any moment the mouse can turn into a big growling bulldog and reverse the chase!
Run, flee, try to bite your opponents and to eat as much as you can:anything can happen in this frenzied game!

And the kitchen is reversible as well! Just flip the board over and here’s the circuit for BauSquitMiao RACE!!!, the craziest and funniest animal race in the world!

Roll your dice, see if you become a dog, a cat or a mouse (dogs bite cats and mice, cats bite mice, and mice… RUN!) and try to take or steal food and to bite as much as possible.

On each turn draw a card: it tells you which animals must transform and playing order. There are also three special cards: mad scientist, wererat, and poo.




Artwork and Illustrations: Angelo Porazzi


Post Scriptum