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Here we are

Post Scriptum is Mario, Marco, and Matteo. We are first and foremost avid players and valuable playtesters.

Our first focus is on product development, both in terms of materials and graphics and of rules, crafted with obsessive precision; this is the reason why our games are distributed and appreciated worldwide. In 2016, we acquired the Placentia Games brand, which is now the label for our most challenging eurogames.

We put the utmost professionalism in our job and we always choose the best quality for our components, both for the products from our own catalog and for the promotional games we realize for other companies and associations.

Mario Sacchi

Mario has been the public face of Post Scriptum for years. 

He is the point of contact for anyone in need of a direct link to the games industry. He is the author, together with Andrea Chiarvesio, of the “Guida all’Autoproduzione” (which translates to Guide to Self-Production – you can read it in Italian only); he is a regular participant in many conferences and round table discussions at Lucca Comics & Games, Play, IDeA G, and many other game-related events in the Italian panorama; and he has given lectures on Game Design at the architecture faculty of the Politecnico di Torino university, for the design faculty of the Politecnico di Milano university, and at other schools and institutes.

At Post Scriptum, he is mainly engaged in relationships with the public, authors, and bloggers; he manages commercial relationships with customers and suppliers; he coordinates the staff; writes user manuals; and deals with product development.

Favourite Boardgame
copertina Kingsburg
© Stratelibri
Number one Superhero
© Marvel
Timeless Videogame
logo Monkey Island
© LucasArts

Marco Garavaglia

Marco joined Post Scriptum in 2017, after years of playing and playtesting.

In 2016 he created the game S.P.A.C.E. for Libreria Geografica (an Italian educational publishing house); from this project stemmed additional collaborations that led to him joining the company the following year.

At Post Scriptum, Marco has the role of lead game designer, with an emphasis on family games, and as art director, both for games and for promotional materials, web sites, and fairs.

Favourite Boardgame
copertina Tzolk'in
Number one Superhero
© Disney
Timeless Videogame
© Konami

Matteo Panara

Matteo works as a web engineer. He has been with Mario from the beginning, in 2005, but he doesn’t take part in game development as much as Mario does.

He mainly deals with the most technical aspects of games and their production, with an eye for material optimization. Matteo is a reliable and capable playtester who never backs down from testing new prototypes; he is the best at trying the most extreme tactics and at finding any bugs, especially in expert-level games.

Favourite Boardgame
© Fantasy Flight Games
Number one Superhero
Iron Man
© Marvel
Timeless Videogame
© Acclaim Entertainment

Sara Gioria

Sara joined Post Scriptum in  2018.

Having always been part of the world of illustration and visual communication, Sara has experience in the fields of editorial publishing, graphics and web design.

She brings her background as an illustrator and graphic designer to the world of games, following the development of Post Scriptum products both in terms of design and creation of the packaging.

Favourite Boardgame
copertina munchkin
© Steve Jackson Games
Number one Superhero
© Marvel
Timeless Videogame
copertina longest journey
© Funcom

Marco Panteghini

The newest member of the Post Scriptum team: Marco applies as potato peeler, moved by the desire to work in the world of board games, and ends up being the company’s handyman. 

He mainly deals with social media communication, back office operations and various administrative duties. Due to his multifaceted but non specific university education, Marco uses his versatility to help colleagues in various tasks.

Favourite Boardgame
© Cmon
Number one Superhero
© Disney Pixar
Timeless Videogame
© Square Enix