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Legend Raiders



Collect trasures and be the most intrepid explorer!

Number of players: 2-4
Game length: 30-45 minutes
Age: 6+ years
Available languages: English, German, Italian
SKU: GOG2211

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Game overview

Hail to you, Intrepid Explorer!
The world is full of mysteries to solve, legendary artifacts to recover, and mythical places to explore. For this reason, we at Legend Raiders, Inc. are looking for people like you! We will provide you with information on the discoveries to be made, we will give you the tools to do so, and we will entrust you with exciting missions!
The glory and fame will all be yours. The Lost Coins are enough for us!

Legend Raiders Inc. – Scouting Bureau

In Legend Raiders, each player represents an adventurer who wants to collect as many ancient coins (a.k.a., victory points or VPs) as possible, searching for legendary treasures and mythical places. In every round on the main board are four different missions, each composed of a discovery to be performed and two random tools (ropes, shovels, compasses and maps) supplied by the bureau.

To be discovered, each treasure requires a specific combination of tools. Places require more tools than Artifacts, but will give more VPs in the following expeditions. When a player uses their favorite tool, they gain more VPs; the torch can be used as a joker by turning it off, but only if it’s on!

On your turn, you can choose between two actions:

  • 2.a: Prepare for expeditions – Collect Discovery tiles and Tools to complete them!
  • 2.b: Go on an expedition, which is composed of 2 steps:
    • 2b.I – Take 1 Expedition card.
    • b.II – Use your Tools to complete Discovery tiles (optional).

The explorer who gains the most points wins.

Legend Raiders has two game modes:

  • with die: at the beginning of each round the Adventure Die is rolled to obtain benefits or cause all the torches to flip;
  • diceless: for those who hate luck!

Which strategy will you choose to apply?
Will you succeed being the best explorer in the world?
How many and which mythical treasures will you uncover?



Illustrations: Mateusz Mizak
Artwork: Sara Gioria


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