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Shogun no katana: full bundle


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Numero di giocatori: 1-4
Durata partita: 60-180 minuti
Età: 14+ anni
Lingue disponibili: Inglese

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Game overview

Shogun no Katana is a strategic Eurogame that will transport you to the magical atmosphere of feudal Japan.

Use your workers to choose which swords to make, among those requested by the powerful local Daimyo. Collect resources to improve your craft, and request your artists to create breathtaking decorations. Have your family members admitted to the most strategic rooms of the Shogun’s palace to obtain the privileges of their rank.
And finally, create the most beautiful SHOGUN NO KATANA!

You will have to manage your Forge wisely, as crafting Katanas will be the real beating heart of the game. The original and innovative sword-making mechanism allows you to activate an entire row or column to work on different Katanas at the same time. Each player has its own forge where all the katana crafting will take place.

During the game you will obtain resources, either by visiting the market, the palace among other places. By activating a row or column you can add resources to all matching Katanas, moving them accordingly on the grid. But be careful! Having a lot of Katanas on the grid means that you can accomplish more with fewer actions, but it also increases the risk of them hindering each other. You will have to build your engine cleverly to maximize your turns.

See full details by reviewing the Kickstarter campaign of the game.

Shogun no Katana full bundle

This bundle includes the following items. Purchase them all with a click… And save some money too!

  • Shogun no Katana base game (full price: € 69,00)
  • Wandering Characters expansion set (full price: € 25,00)
  • Extra Character Geisha (full price: € 7,00) 
  • Extra Character Unsuisō (full price: € 7,00)
  • Lion and pagoda (full price: € 9,00)
  • 96 Metal Coins (full price: € 25,00)
  • Special price: € 130,00 instead of € 142,00

You can find full details of each element on the main page of the game.




Illustrations: Giorgia Lanza
Artwork: Paolo Vallerga – Scribabs
Miniatures by: Alan D’Amico


Post Scriptum
Brand: Placentia Games