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Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum3 giorni fa
In this new series we are going to find out what our euro games specialist, Matteo, thinks about recently published games! Let’s start with Maracaibo, published by Game's Up and created by Alexander Pfister:

"You can pursue different strategies, but you can’t neglect any field. It’s well balanced enough, but some cards are stronger than others, and if you get them when it’s your turn you might have an advantage.
Cards are also resources, and you must be able to manage them well. There is the right amount of interaction, both direct and indirect. There’s also a good variety between different games, and the campaign mode introduces new elements, however, it is a bit too long."

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.
Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum7 giorni fa
Do you have an unpublished game and you don't know how to launch it? You can send it to a publisher or you can... set up you own business! In this first article of the series: "My two (cardboard) cents", about thoughts and opinions on the board games market, Mario, Post Scriptum CEO, shows two options for the "DIY" approach: self-production, or fundraising using the Kickstarter platform. Which is the best option? Check out our blog to find out! https://bit.ly/36ThsiL
Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum2 settimane fa
When we started exploring all the possibilities for Shogun no Katana's look, it was clear for us that the game called for modern and captivating illustrations, and, at the same time, we wanted all of its components to radiate a spirit that recalled Japanese traditions. It looked like an impossible mission, until the day we met Giorgia Lanza : Giorgia is a talented illustrator, really passionate about Japanese culture, who managed to capture the common idea of the Eastern world while making it personal and original. Her samurai illustrations are breath-taking! Have a look at her great portfolio here! https://giorgialanza.it/ What do you think about it?
Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum3 settimane fa
Welcome to our game development lab! When we need o test new games, usually, we meet on @Tabletop Simulator, a virtual space dedicated to the production of digital board games. This makes it possible for us to work comfortably from home, without losing the quality of our design work. That's how we're working on the new game by Simone Cerruti Sola, but as you can imagine we're still at a very early stage!
Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum3 settimane fa
"If you aim high, you might reach above the clouds". With this haiku written by Tambu, our Game Developer, we launch our new series of articles dedicated to the work of game production and development. We begin with the story of an upcoming release, Shogun no Katana. Do you have any questions or is there anything you're curious about? Hit us up in the comments! https://bit.ly/3xoWiod
Post Scriptum
Post Scriptum4 settimane fa
Sara Gloria joined the PS team in 2018 with the role of illustrator and graphic designer of the publishing company. She is in charge of material for events, communication and of artwork and illustrations for our games. Are you curious to see her at work?