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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do some of your products have other logos in addition to yours?

That’s because in the past we worked as consultants for various publishers, mainly for Placentia Games, a brand we acquired in 2016 and is now our logo for expert-level games.
We have also produced games with Scribabs and Demoelâ, because these are companies that we have developed close relationships with. In addition, we sometimes license our games to other publishers.


The system says the game I would like to buy is not available in my country. What does that mean? When will it be available?

This message means that Post Scriptum has a commercial deal with a Distributor in your country, therefore you cannot buy the game directly from us. These kinds of deals are usually valid for years, so the most practical and quickest way for you to buy the game is through the Distributor’s website. You can find the link in the warning message itself.

I completed my purchase procedure. When will you ship my game?

First of all… thank you for your purchase! Except in unusual cases, every order is handled within 5 working days.

Are there any discounts on shipping fees?

Of course! When you reach a minimum order value of 60€, you’ll receive a 10€ discount on your shipping fees.

Are there any other discounts?

Yes! If you join our newsletter, once in a while you’ll receive coupons with discount offers!