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Update #38 Mass production samples!

Dear readers,
again we are sharing on this blog an update on our game Shogun no Katana, successfully funded on Kickstarter, because we think you all can be interested in these gorgeous images and news!
Enjoy the reading!

Dear backers,
we are almost there!
As anticipated in the latest update, the production of the game was restarted. The first thing for us was to approve the mass production samples: we did it and of course we are sharing the samples with you. We are really proud, it’s a feast for the eyes!
We already showed you many images of the game in the past, so now we want to share the latest adjustments we made to make it perfect (please note: all these images refer to the Deluxe version).

The Wandering Characters tray is a bit higher than the others to hold the Forge boards firmly.

The Washitsu boards perfectly fit in the space between the Wandering Characters and the Resource trays.

The Wandering Characters tray is designed to contain all the special equipment of the Characters.

The Palace tiles perfectly fit in this space, and there’s room for other elements below.

The Resource Trays have a v-shaped bottom to help you take the cubes easily.

The card holder is designed to keep them separated, with or without sleeves.

You can see all these aspects in this video!

Most importantly, our special tester approves the box!

Again, thank you so much for supporting Shogun no Katana and Post Scriptum.
Thanks for your patience.

Talk soon!


  1. Philip Van Den Mergel

    No new updates about the game since this one dates from June? Any idea as to when the games will be shipped?

    • Mario Sacchi

      Hello, you can find all the updates on the kickstarter page.
      We are releasing a new update on Kickstarter today: almost all the boxes have been shipped 🙂

  2. Philip Van Den Mergel

    Thanks for the info, I backed the game through your site with a “late pledge” so I didn’t know about the update through Kickstarter. I’ll check if I can read the update even though I didn’t back it on Kickstarter during the campaign.

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