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UPDATE #37 The light at the end of the tunnel!

Dear readers,
as already done in the past, we are sharing on this blog an update on our game Shogun no Katana, successfully funded on Kickstarter. The game is going through several productive vicissitudes, as we wrote in various previous articles. We won’t share all the updates here, but only the most relevant ones, like this one.

Enjoy the reading!

Dear backers,
this is the update you (and we) have been waiting for! We have been informed that the factory reopened and they should be able to resume production of Shogun no Katana in a week or two and complete it about a month after that. Yay!

This is really good news, even if our work isn’t done: as soon as we’ll have a precise date, the next crucial step will be reserving slots on cargo shipments to reach all the world. This needs some attention, since the logistic situation is tangled as well, there are looong waiting lines on cargo shipments (what isn’t tangled, these days?!). Obviously we are already working on the shipment reservation since we want this game to hit the market in the shortest time possible (as we already explained here). Anyway, that point solved, the games will be on their way towards you, dear backers, all around the world

So, in a nutshell, we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
As of today, let’s enjoy the good news, awaiting further updates!

Again, thank you so much for supporting Shogun no Katana and Post Scriptum.
Thanks for your patience.

Talk soon!



  1. Philip Van Den Mergel

    Hi there,

    Good news but do you have any idea when the game will be sent to backers?

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