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Shogun no Katana: the samurai’s perseverance

He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious – Sun Tzu

You had to wait, we know.
You had to wait when we decided that the game deserved to be integrated with beautiful miniatures (we wrote about this here).
You had to wait for the Kickstarter when the first global lockdown happened.
You had to wait for the production to start after our successful campaign (over 200 backers, the project was funded in less than 24 hours).
You had to wait for the many interruptions to production, again due to lockdowns (we wrote about this here).
You had to wait for the raw materials crisis (we wrote about this here).

But now the wait is over.

Shogun no Katana, by Federico Randazzo and P.S. Martensen, the most ambitious game that has ever been created by Placentia Games, is finding its way around the world to be delivered to everyone who have backed it, to be shown in shops windows and to be finally played.
Let’s make a summary for readers from the future or for those who have been stranded alone on a Philippines island for years: Shogun no Katana is a strategic worker placement game set in feudal Japan. Use your workers to chose and forge the most precious katanas, the legendary swords from the Land of the Rising Sun, between the ones requested by the powerful local Daimyos, until, eventually, you decide to meet Shogun’s demand and to build the most beautiful Shogun no Katana.
You’ll be busy managing material in your Forge, using an innovative game mechanism that includes a 5×4 grid: activating a row or a column you can move forward with the creation of more Katanas at the same time, but you must try to avoid them to collide. You must manage your Forge carefully for the best performance!

Shogun no Katana is a eurogame with an exceptional attention to aesthetics thanks to Giorgia Lanza’s illustrations and the graphic design by Paolo Vallerga, with astonishing materials and detailed unique miniatures carved by Alan D’Amico to teleport people into the most fascinating period of the Far East.
For this reason, we are delighted to be crossing the finish line, after a – to say the least – tormented production odyssey. We are extremely grateful to our backers who have been patiently waiting for the arrival of Katana with extraordinary understanding.
Now, whoever didn’t have the privilege of being a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, have no fear! In the shops you will not find the Kickstarter and the Deluxe editions, exclusive to campaign backers, but you’ll have the chance to catch up!
-You’ll find the basic box with the complete game;
-You’ll find the Wandering Characters expansion set with 7 wandering characters to enrich the experience with tactical elements to increase interaction;
-You can buy the Wandering Monk and the Geisha, further wandering characters for a more and more varied gameplay;
-Finally, if you don’t want to be anything less than the backers, you can buy separately the metal coins, the metal katana, the Lion+Pagoda set, the resource trays and the special dedicated card sleeves to customise your own Shogun no Katana box!

Shogun no Katana had a 5 years-long gestation and we feel that the game benefited fully from it: Federico, the author, introduced the game to us during IDeA G, the most important convention in Italy for board games authors, and we immediately fell in love with the intuitive and engaging mechanism of the Forge, and with how well the setting fitted, which is a rare quality in this type of game. Therefore, we worked for two years on the game balance, we enriched the game experience with the expansions, and following the author’s advice, we dived into challenge of integrating everything with miniatures, which are fundamental to let players immerse in the atmosphere of ancient Japan.

Now you finally have the opportunity to admire with your own eyes what a jewel Shogun no Katana is, so in the upcoming weeks we’ll use this space to introduce you to the deepest secrets of our venture, with game design and game development articles, we’ll show you all our production ideas that we had during these years, and we’ll tell you some curiosities about the alternative game modes, the solitary mode and the story mode, that we are very proud of.

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  1. Philip Van Den Mergel

    Any idea when the game will be delivered or when the shipping to the backers will start?

    Kind regards

  2. Mario Sacchi

    Hello, the fulfillment already started. You can see many updated and comments on the Kickstarter page

  3. Archi

    Are the academy tiles going to be Kickstarter Exclusive or are they going to be available at some point?

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