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Legend Raiders: this game should be in a museum!

Finally, at the 2022 Essen fair we get the chance to unveil to the world our latest gem: Legend Raiders!
In Legend Raiders, you will be in the shoes of great adventurers such as Lin Diana Jones or Joe Manjee, hired by Legend Raiders inc., in search of artifacts and legendary places. You could find precious treasures such as the Pandora’s jar or Excalibur or explore mythical places such as Atlantis and the Olympus!
Legend Raiders, by Francesco Testini and Dario Massarenti, is a set collection game that can be explained in 5 minutes but offers a deep and long-lasting experience.

Players start their turn choosing between collecting a Discovery tile and 2 Tool tokens, or picking Expedition cards, which are missions that have to be completed by the end of the game, and eventually completing Discovery tiles using the acquired tools and getting immediate points.
The scoring system has a twist we really like: when you complete a Discovery tile you get the same amount of points as the number of Lost Coins shown on your personal board, but they can be hidden by the Discovery tiles you collected in the previous turns.
The game has some treats, such as cities to explore, the torch that works as a wild tool and the die that changes the events during the game (be careful: if you forget to roll the die during your turn, your torch turns off!)
Legend Raiders is an entry level game that can also be appreciated by children thanks to its simplicity, but it offers a great experience for more skilled players, especially in the diceless mode, which removes randomness.

We had the pleasure to test the Legend Raiders prototype in 2017, during IdeaG, the most important game design convention in Italy: at the time it was a children game called Toy Hospital, but we immediately saw its potential to be a more structured game for a much wider audience.
We spent a lot of time working on the new setting, enriched by Mateus Mizak’s beautiful illustrations (this will be the topic of a future article), and we developed a game we are very proud of: it can be considered the first family game that we want to promote outside of Italy, following many party games and complex German games.
We can’t say that we don’ have experience in the field, quite the contrary: in Italy we have published many other games at this level, some of which are only for the Italian market, other we hope can be exported all over the world!

Legend Raiders should have been published in 2020 (who remembers the posts on social media published in unsuspected times?), however, due to the pandemics we had to postpone… until now! We are more than ready to unveil this little treasure, hidden amongst the plants of the darkest jungle… Literally!
As a matter of fact, at Halle 2, Booth F146 of the imminent SPIEL 22, you’ll find our wonderful stand, surrounded by twigs and leaves, to make you feel like Amazon explorers during the game sessions that we organised together with the author Francesco Testini! The first few to buy Legend Raiders will receive a free copy of SIMILO BOARD GAMES, while stocks last!

What can I say, Legend Raiders has been in the pipeline for such a long time that we had the chance to perfect it and make it solid, long-lasting and fun, just as we like our games to be!
Keep an eye on us, because we are about to publish the rules for the solitary mode and a strategic guide, written by the authors, to become the wittiest treasure grabbers in the whole Legend Raiders inc.!

Read the game rulebook here

Play the game on Tabletop Simulator here

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